Amazing (Mrs.) Grace

How content are you with your life? No, really?  Happy with where you are living? What you are wearing? Where your children go to school?  Are you that content? More than that are you at peace with your life? What if the heavens opened up today? What if  God’s voice came thundering down telling you that this was all there was for the rest of your life?  From this point on you would have no more extra’s. You would still have what is on your back and what you physically own. You would still have flourishing familial relationships and friendships. Nothing else.  Would you be fine with that? I mean really ok?

I had the privilege of meeting one of my dear friends mother yesterday. She is an absolute gem. It has been a very long time since I have been in the presence of someone so completely at peace with everything in their lives. Ironically her name is Mrs. Grace. The Lord could not have picked a better last name for her. She exudes grace, peace and happiness.

At 94 years old she is articulate and a delight! Mrs. Grace has had a stroke, been moved from her permanent home to a new town to be cared for, left her cat behind, her friends, buried a husband, buried a son and this was her 17th move. Her philosophy in life has been “bloom where you are planted”. My friend said that her mother made a conscious decision to be involved and happy in each community that her husbands job took them.

We can choose to be happy or we can choose to be miserable.  We can be like Mrs. Grace and be intentional. In our obedience God  grants us the grace to enjoy the things in life that He deems important. Do you make the choice to see His grace in everyday life? Or are you too busy trying to find happiness on your own accord?

This weekend make the decision to find happiness in what God has freely given all of us: the mountains, sunrises and sunsets, the ocean, our family, the landscape, the stars, foliage or snow. Make the decision to be content in His presence.  Bloom where you are planted.

“In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”-1 Thessalonians 5:18