Who Are You?

Two years ago I was a wife. Two years ago I was a mother of two college students. Two years ago I was a homemaker. Two years ago I snapped this photo of Robin and our daughters while vacationing in Charleston. Two years later? Robin is in heaven and I am a widow.

When asked today who you are how do you respond? Are you a wife? Mother? Teacher? Doctor? Realtor? Business woman? Who do you say you are? Who do you identify as or with? Think about that.  “I went to Saint Mary’s too!” “My husband was on the board with your sister!”  “I, too, was a Chi O!” “Our family had a beach place there for years also!” When the layers of identity  labels  are pulled off who exactly are you?

When I stripped away the title of Robin’s wife, Olivia Whitford’s mother, Carrington’s mother, Marc’s sister, Dawn’s sister in law, Sam’s aunt, George and Jane’s daughter, a girls school alumnae and a particular college university graduate? Who exactly was I?

When your kids are grown, the beach house is empty or sold, your spouse is gone, the job is over, your role has played out who are you? When you simply are just you with no titles or attachments who are you?

Last week I was captivated with the  celebrations of Billy Graham’s home going services. It is estimated that he reached more people with the gospel than any other human being in history. His message was so simple. There were no titles, no tag lines, no pretense.  Billy Graham knew exactly who he was in Christ. The world was captivated by the Holy Spirit living inside of him.

My life has changed ten fold in these past 7 months. I’ve  been trying to figure out who I am without titles. The reality is we all have a Royal Title and Royal Lineage if we have accepted Jesus as our Savior:  Child of the Most High. I do love some good jewelry 🙂 and look forward to crowns in heaven! This title is THE most important one of all. We put all of these layers and titles on to cover up the One title that the whole world needs to see and hear the most:  Child of God.

“Until I come, devote yourself to public reading of scripture, to preaching and to teaching Gods word”~1 Timothy 4:13


Giving The Enemy Traction

An Eagle does not fight a snake when it is on the ground. It swoops down and picks the snake up and carries it up into the air. A snake has no stamina. Couple that with the fact that in the air the snake is disjumbled. Confused. It has no balance in the air. It is unable to get its bearings. It is weak. Vulnerable. Unlike when the snake is on the ground.

On land the snake is powerful, wise, and deadly. But when the Eagle swoops in? Lifts the snake up? Disorients him? Places him back down in another geographical area on the ground? The Eagle wins the battle. Don’t you find that ironic? Satan (the snake) is called “the prince of the power of the air” (Ephesians 2:2). And yet he is actually powerless in the air when fighting with the eagle (God). Satan is a master at deception.

One of the first things you learn in any kind of recovery is that you are powerless without the help of God. You also learn that you can’t beat addiction without changing your surroundings. That could mean your physical address. Or your friends. Or your work place. Or all of the above. Once clean you are constantly trying to beat addiction at its own game.

I like to think of addiction as a snake. It is cunning, deceptive, reclusive, combative when provoked, and often deadly. When in a full state of addiction your life is up in the air. Your future is up in the air. But if you can confuse the addiction by creating new surroundings? That’s when God can swoop in. Take over. Save you.

How often do we have a problem that we keep on the ground? We run it by our husband. Next we discuss it with a friend. We make a third phone call to a sister or mother. Before long the problem becomes a big drama fest. Anyone? We have played right into satans hand. Unknowingly we have given the enemy traction with our spoken grievances amongst one another.

What if we took all of our fears, disappointments, anger, and sadness to Him? Just stopped what we were doing. Right there in that moment. We confuse the enemy. He’s waiting to pounce. Instead we close our eyes and petition the Lord’s ear. We tell Him the problem. We allow God to swoop in and fight the battle for us. Think about all of the energy we would save! All the time not lost to petty worry. Petty complaining.

Take your battles to the air. To the heavens. Don’t even attempt to fight your battles on the ground. Take your petitions to Him. Let God be the Victor. He’s already paid the price for you. Why in the world would you put Him back up on that cross? Offer it up and let Him swoop in!

“For because he himself has suffered when tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.”-Hebrews 2:18